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The Eastern Sun Group was founded by H.E. Khenchen Rinpoche and has two main objectives:

To promote and propagate the teachings of the Buddha
To give proper education and provide daily needs to children from underprivileged families
For the first objective, the foundation is dedicated to reviving all the old scriptures of the Great Buddhist Masters. In particular, the ones that are most beneficial in this age of degeneration and which somehow are lost during the process of time. Furthermore, after the establishment of the Mindrolling Buddhist College in 1986, many outstanding Khenpos have undergone years of rigorous training and education. These Khenpos are now actively involved in the promotion of Buddha's teachings around the world.
As for the second objective, the foundation is also planning to take under its care, children and elderly people from poor families. In recent years, the number of orphans in need of immediate and urgent support have increased in India (especially in Eastern and Northern India) and Tibet. Out of concern for them The Eastern Sun Group has initiated a plan to build a school and orphanage. The project is currently in process. Since 2005, the foundation has also been helping residents in remote villages of India and Tibet by providing daily needs and education.
Thank you for your help and support, either directly or indirectly, that renders to the fulfillment of these projects.
Your generous donations are greatly appreciated.
Ngagyur Nyingma College Library
Retreat Center in Bhutan
Ngagyur Nyingma College Library

The construction of the Library Project commenced in 2006. The Library was designed by our Dharma friend Mr. Chen Ter Kwai, who is a renowned Architect from Taiwan and has worked for a number of famous architects in China and Japan. He was one of the architects who worked for the construction of the world’s tallest tower in Taiwan. The Engineer for the project is Mr.Daigi who has had 37 years of experience in the field. According to the original plan based on the measurement done by Mr.Chen, the area was 55,000 sq. ft., after a Board meeting held at Mindrolling the area has now been increased to 65,000 sq. ft.

It was a great pleasure to announce that the Mindrolling College, a branch of Mindrolling Monastery based in Dehradun, Uttranchal, India, will undertake this 5.5 million dollar project.

This Library is proposed to contain the audio-visual facilities from the beginning to the advanced philosophical and research studies of all the religions including Christian, Hindu, Jain etc. in addition to the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, and Bon. It will also house the books, references, currents and periodicals of the world history, politics, science, geography etc. of the various fields of knowledge to benefit peoples of all the ages and background.

The project is undertaken in memorial of the well-known Mindrolling library in Tibet. It will have a very unique rectangular structure that is 42 meters long and 32 meters wide with two floors.

First Floor
  1. The Library catalogues
  2. A reception center
  3. Children's reading room.
  4. A room for magazines and news papers
  5. A general reading room
  6. A conference room
  7. A Buddhist sanctuary
  8. A library book stock room
  9. An Office
  10. Separate rest room for male and female
  11. A court yard
Second Floor
  1. An office
  2. A big auditorium
  3. A big room for references and research.
  4. A Buddhist stock room.
  5. The office of Chairman.
  6. Administration office
  7. Open shelf reading room
  8. Separate rest room for male and female.

Retreat Center Is Nearing Completion

Re-building began in 2011 for the new Retreat Center in Bhutan, the Land of The Thunder Dragon and the only country, other than Tibet, where the practice of Vajrayana still thrives. Phase I of the Retreat Center construction, located in Thimpu, Bhutan's capital, was completed in the early part of 2012. There are 10 rooms, a kitchen, dining hall and one store room. For the future, Phase II includes rebuilding the 400 year old retreat center into a large shrine room with wall paintings and statue decorations. All expenses during a retreat will be borne by H.E. Khenchen Rinpoche. The duration of stay in the retreat will depend on individual requirements, preference and availability.

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Urgent Need For a Charitable School

Today’s India is catching the world’s attentions for its blooming software industry and the dazzling rapid economic growth index. The soaring stock market performance, foreign capital pouring into the nation along with great many construction projects on infrastructure going on, for the first time in history. The underlying reality, however, is with wealth distribution even more polarized and resources dominated by a tiny cluster of privileged individuals, chances or hopes for the majority of the younger generation to ever fulfill their dreams are beyond imagination. The generally believed motto - work hard and one can succeed - is becoming even unreachable as most children in Today’s India are deprived of the most fundamental chance of education right from the starting point of their life path. Illnesses, illiteracy, and child labor are just a few among the numerous undeniable facts that continue haunting the lives of India’s younger generation.

To help alleviate this vicious circle and above all, to give hopes to today’s socially disadvantaged children in , (so one day they, too, can have the luxury as our own children to dream and plan their future) the building of a school becomes essential. The proposed project for a school at Dehradun, Uttaranchal, India is aimed at uplifting orphaned and underprivileged children in and around the area of Dehradun.

The urgent need of a charitable school with boarding facilities to accommodate at least 500 students aged 5 to 18 is felt as surveys indicate an extreme low rate of children being able to attend school due to financial and other constraints. The setting up of this school is aimed at overcoming the above-mentioned financial as well as societal constraints with free education, facilities of accommodation and healthy meals. There is a need to rescue these children from the clutches of illiteracy which forces them to work as low wage laborers at shops and other small commercial establishments.

The school proposed to be built at the Dehra Dun would consist of at least 20 classrooms along with facilities including a library, a kindergarten, computer training, vocational training and a laboratory. The main school building would cover an area of about 30,000 square feet and about 35,000 square feet area for hostel accommodation. The student’s hostel is proposed to accommodate 500 students complete with dining halls, bathrooms, dormitories and other related conveniences to help sustain the hostel’s operation. There will also be provision of accommodation for the school principal, hotels wardens along with other teaching staff as per minimum requirements.

Along life path, we continue to have goals and vision for the future, some of those goals and dreams get fulfilled. Those that are yet to materialize, we can always re-envisage them so that they are no longer dreams but a reality. All what we have accomplished so far has been possible because we dared to dream and hope. Similarly, The School Project is an attempt to end illiteracy and uplift these underprivileged and orphaned children in India who are less fortunate than us and our own children. With our collective efforts and contribution we are hoping to extend our support and care to such children. They may still stumble in life but at least they have had a decent start and a fair chance to ‘dream’ and to one day decide their own future. We, through our project endeavor to play a small but vital role in it and give them that chance.

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